Page Hall

A spacious hall, complete with stage, that seats 250 people theatre-style, 280 standing and 200 at with tables. It boasts a sprung wood floor and the option of dividing the room with curtains. Automated blackout blinds allow theatrical events to happen at any time of the day.

The Page Hall is a multi use room, used for various classes and meetings each week.

It is 12m wide and 21m long with a stage at one end.

The stage is 3ft 6in high making it perfect for theatrical productions and presentations.

The Page Hall itself is perfect for parties, classes and can be laid out in several different configurations.

Owen Room

A pleasant area, that seats 65 people theatre-style, 100 people standing, and 60-80 people at tables. There is also a small coffee bar available with a sink, fridge and serving space. The room is suitable for smaller events or meetings.

The second largest room in the Centre with a seating capacity of 65 people theatre-style, 100 people standing, and 60-80 people at tables.

This versatile room is accessible via the side entrance or main foyer. It is 11m by 8.5m.

It has a coffee bar with shutters for serving refreshments.

There is a projector, screen and speakers available for presentations and meetings.

Watson Room

Sits between the Owen and the Page Hall, that seats 40 people theatre-style and 48 people at tables, there is also a serving hatch with access to the kitchen. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other areas.

This central room can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Page Hall or Owen Room or both.

It is 6m by 8.5m and can sit 40 people theatre-style and 48 people at tables.  It has a hatch for access to the main kitchen.

This room has a 55” television with sound bar which is ideal for presentations. 


Is well equipped with stainless steel surfaces, perfect for catering for dinners and functions.

The kitchen has stainless steel surfaces, two hobs and ovens, a fridge and freezer, a dishwasher and a self filling hot water urn. It has serving hatches through to the Watson Room and main foyer.

Parking & Location

Ideally located in Central Beaconsfield on Maxwell Road.

The Curzon Centre is located next to St Mary & All Saints C of E Primary School on its own site.

The facilities are surrounded by parking to the left and rear sides with entrances on the front and side of the building, allowing The Owen Room, Watson Room and Page Hall to host events etc. independently of other activities in the centre.

The car park consists of 60 spaces including disabled parking. The entrances are within close proximity to the parking, and there is no step up to the side entrance and a ramp up to the main entrance.

The Main Foyer

A pleasant area with comfortable seating, giving a pleasant front of house for any guests.

Entered directly from the front entrance, this area gives access to The Page Hall, Watson Room and Kitchen.

Via a link passage, the side foyer and Owen room can also be accessed.

This is a comfortable area, often used as meeting point and reception area for classes, events and theatrical productions that run regularly throughout the year.

The kitchen also often acts as a bar, giving a pleasant front of house area for any guests that may be attending an event you have organised.

Ladies and gents and disabled facilities can be accessed from the foyer, with additional facilities located in the side foyer area.

The Side Foyer

Primary access to The Owen Room and Centre Admin Office

The side foyer gives access to the second largest room in the centre, The Owen Room as well as both ladies and gentlemen's facilities.

Disabled facilities are available in The Main Foyer which is accessed via the link corridor.

The Owen Room coffee bar has a roller shutter blind directly onto the Side Foyer, allowing it to be used as a box office or reception room for events held in the Owen Room.

There are also toilet facilities off this corridor.