Centre Personnel

The Curzon Centre is run by our team who can answer all of the questions that you might have about the Curzon Centre, and can help you complete your booking of the centre for your event.

Manager Emma McGrath info@curzoncentre.org.uk
01494 672891
Assistant Manager Kay Wright info@curzoncentre.org.uk
01494 672891
Caretaker Richard Dean
President The Right Honourable The Earl Howe

The Curzon Centre is registered with the Charity Commission, Charity Number: 1145717, and has a board of Trustees who are responsible for the broader management and future direction of the Curzon Centre, including strategy, and complying with legislation regarding the charitable status of the Centre.

Trustee Mark Richards Chair
Trustee Colin Hayfield Treasurer
Trustee Helen Sharman Child Protection Office
Trustee John Anderson Trustee
Trustee Andrew Farncombe Trustee
Trustee Jonathan Fowke Trustee
Trustee David Saunders Trustee
Trustee Dawn Southgate Trustee